REVALCO srl was established in Milan, in 1983, with the intention of design and production of electrical measurement and control equipment for the electric and automation industries, accommodating all standard electrical parameters.

The range of products cover a full market range of Analogue and Digital Instruments, ranging from standard Ammeters and Voltmeters through to sophisticated Electronic Analyzers and Multifunction Metering Systems, for both flush Panel, Switchboard mounting and also for Din Rail mounting. These are supported by a wide range of associated equipment such as Current and Voltage Transformers and Shunts, Measurement Transducers, Control Relay and Surge Protection.

Other products available include Time and Pulse Counters, Switches, Audio Alarms and Buzzers, Timers, Power Supplies, and Earth Leakage measurement equipment. Safety Transformers for general use and Bell Transformers Din Rail Modular versions being the latest additions to the very comprehensive range of products available from REVALCO.

- Analogue & Digital Instruments
- Current Transformers
- Relays
- Transducers & Surge Arrestors
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